Jupyter is highly recommended IDE for Data Science Projects and there are so many reasons to adapt this. The Jupyter Notebook is a web-based interactive environment that includes code, graphs, maps, images, videos, animations, statistics, logics and GUI (graphical user interfaces), into a single file.


Please have look on below GUI image of Jupyter Notebook [Code Section]:

Jupyter IDE GUI
Jupyter IDE for Data Science

We get result of each code (lines) just below.

Description of code and result section as under:

In [7] : Code
Out [7] : Result after executing 7th line of the code
In [8] : Code
Out [8] : Result after executing 8th line of the code

Reasons to use Jupyter Notebook IDE:

You can immediately run the code and get the results below so it will easy to identify whether the code is working or not. It will give you results or error logs below the code, so it will easy to debug and change the code easily.
If you get any error in line 7, you can correct it immediately and run the same line only. You do not need to run above 6 lines again.
When you close this file and re-open again, you will get the results sections intact with the file. Result will clear if you will intentionally do it.

Jupyter IDE for Data Science

4. You can these cells for below options to make the code more readable and approachable for the developer as well as the peer reviewers.

Code Writing


Raw NBConvert


Editor Details

5. Jupyter code can be exported in different formats [Check in image below] which makes them easily shareable. We can easily incorporate codes in other formats.

Export Options in Jupyter
Jupyter IDE for Data Science

6. You can visually check master data, filtered data, results of logic applied on data, and insights on same page of Jupyter Notebook.

How to download Jupyter?

Download latest python version available and Install by next, next and next.

Python Download
Search “Python Download” in google search to get latest Python Version

Download latest Anaconda Distribution version available and Install by next, next and next.

Anaconda Download Search
Search “Anaconda Download” in google search to get latest Jupyter Version


If you are working for any kind of Data Cleaning, Data Mining or Data Analysis, you can use this IDE and share your experience here. Please drop your valuable comments below to make this post more informative. You can also add Pros and Cons here or suggest some other IDE which is better than Jupyter. Stay Safe, Stay Connected. Thank You!

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