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DevOps Step by Step

DevOps can be a confusing concept, with various terms like infrastructure as code, containerization, configuration management, version control systems, microservices, and CI/CD. In this blog post, I will explain DevOps step by step here with real-world examples to help you understand where to use these tools in the deployment process.


Python if…else Statement

Decision making in Python structures have one or more conditions to be evaluate or test by the program, along with a statement or statements that are to be execute if the condition is determine to be true, and optionally, other statements to be execute if the condition is determine to be false.

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Use of PIP and PIP3 in Python

This is the very basic question asked by the interviewer, and as Python developers, we should know about pip and pip3 significance in the python world. I am going to explain in a very basic approach, and you will thank me later after reading this small capsule sharing with you here. It will really help you to understand better.