SQL server is the most popular database of microsoft company which was develop in 1989. SQL stands for Structure Query Language. It is RDBMs so in this case record is store in tabular format. It is platform dependent because it runs only on windows operating system. Its installation is easy because it is product Microsoft. There are many editor of SQL server available in market, such as Express Enterprises, Developer, Compact, web, etc. Its providers graphical facilities so we do not require or need to remember commands. SQL is not case sensitive.

Install and Configure SQL Server on Windows

The steps below to install Microsoft SQL Server in Windows 10.

1. Step 1

Go to this URL click here for Microsoft SQL server download

2. Step 2

Click on Download now

Microsoft SQL server

3. Step 3

Run the downloaded file. Now select the third option Download Media.

4. Step 4

Choose where to store the download installation local media files and after click Install to continue.

5. Step 5

Select the Installation category on the left-hand side of the SQL and after click the New SQL Server link to start the installation wizard.

6. Step 6

First a follow The wizard automatically checks for available updates. If there are no updates ready to install and after click Next to continue.

7. Step 7

The install wizard checks for any errors and after click Next to continue

8. Step 8

Choose an installation type and after click Next to continue

9. Step 9

Choose the version of SQL Server and after click Next to continue

10. Step 10

I accept the license terms and Privacy Statement box and after click Next to continue

11. Step 11

Select the features you want to install and after click Next to continue

12. Step 12

Enter a name and instance ID and after click Next to continue

13. Step 13

Set up the service accounts and collation configuration and after click Next to continue

14. Step 14

Select the Mixed Mode method of authentication. Select a user for the role of SQL server administrator and set up a password for their account, and after click Next to continue

15. Step 15

The final step offers a summary of the installation, and after click install to continue.

16. Step 16

The setup is complete and after click close to exit.

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