SEO Pages Title tells the user and search engine about type and nature of the information available on your page. It also refers to the title tag display on title bar of your browser window. It place inside the head section under the meta tag in Hypertext Markup Language is knows as pages title.

Other Words

The browser window which is most important in search engine result pages. The title is shown by Google as the title on search result page above URL is knows as Pages Title.

Notes: Title tag contain around 50-60 characters.

Rule for title tag

  • Avoid Repetition
    • Do not the place the same title on multiple pages. Write a different title for different pages.
  • List the Important Keyword
    • Place the target keyword at the start of your title and keep least important word at end
  • Keyword Placement
    • Target keyword and phrases use vertical lines and avoid the use of underscores, commas, dashes, and put your prefects keyword in the front of the title then order the keyword.
  • Brand Name :- You can add the brand name at the starting or ending of the title.
  • Unique Title for Every Page
    • The Forgiving a unique title for every page it may attract more users and increases the traffic of your website.
  • Length of your Title
    • The length of the title contains a maximum of 60 characters.
  • Simple or Understandable :-
Pages title
Pages Title

Canonical Tag

Canonical Tag is also known as canonical URL. The URL of the page that Google thinks is most representative from a set of a duplicate pages on your site. There are a powerful ways to tell Google and other search engines which URLs you want them to index.


  • Multiple versions with different URLs available.
  • Accessible with or without “www” prefix before its URL.
  • Accessible via “http” and “https” protocols

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