On-page SEO includes providing good content, good keyword selection, putting keywords in correct places, giving an appropriate title for every page, etc. On-page SEO will analyze the complete website. We will use internal linking. It is for Content writing. Techniques that are used in on-page SEO.


Some of the most important On-Page SEO factors are as follows

  • Keyword in the Title tag
    • Title tag tells the search engine and users about your content is knows as title tag.
  • Keyword in meta description tag.
    • It is a summary of your page, which is display on search engine result pages below the URL is knows as description tag.
  • Keyword in the H1 tag
    • It is also a relevance factor that introduces your page or acts as a description of your page is knows as H1 tag. The main keywords is the H1 tag.
  • The length of the page
  • Canonical Tag
    • This tag prevents the issue of duplicate content as it tells Google that one URL is equivalent to another, so the two pages with the same content are not different pages and they belong to the original page is knows as Canonical tag
  • Content Updates
  • Outbound Links
    • Outbound links to send users to another website if you want to provide more information is knows as Outbound links.
  • Internal Links
    • Interlink your pages so that traffic from a one may be diverted to other pages is knows as Internal links
  • Sitemap
    • It helps search engines to index all pages on your website is knows as Sitemap.
  • Image Optimization
  • Keyword in URL
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Content of Page
  • Linkable Content
  • Content Formatting
  • Images and Multimedia Elements
  • URL Optimization
  • URL Structure Optimization
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Mobile Friendliness

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To know more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) please Wikipedia click here .

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