The microprocessor is the heart of any computer system, whether it is a desktop machine, a server or PC. There are many kinds of microprocessors, but they all do approximately the same thing in approximately the same manner. A microprocessor also knows as CPU (Central Processing Unit). The first microprocessor was the Intel 4004 and introduced in 1971.

Diagram of a Microprocessor

 block Diagram of a Microprocessor
Block Diagram

History of Microprocessor

First Generation(4 – bit)

  • The first generation microprocessors was introduce in the year 1971-1972 by Intel.
  • It was name Intel 4004.
  • it was 4-bit Microprocessor.

Second Generation (8 – bit)

  • The Second generation microprocessors was introduce in the year 1973 by Intel.
  • It was name Intel Intel 8008 and  improved version Intel 8088.
  • It was 8-bit Microprocessor.

Third Generation (16 – bit)

  • The Third generation microprocessors was introduce in the year 1978.
  • It was name Intel’s 8086, Zilog Z800 and 80286.
  • It was 16-bit Microprocessor.

Fourth Generation (32 – bit)

  • The Third generation microprocessors was introduce in the year 1985.
  • many companies introduced the 32-bit microprocessors, but the most popular one is the Intel 80386.
  • It was 32-bit Microprocessor.

Fifth Generation (64 – bit )

  • It was 64-bit Microprocessor.

Microprocessor works.

The microprocessor follows a sequence: Fetch, Decode, and Execute.

At first , the instructions are store in the memory in a sequential order. The chip gets those guidelines from the memory, then decodes it and execute those instructions till STOP guidance is reach. Later, it sends the result in binary to the output port. Between these processes, the register stores the temporarily data and ALU (Arithmetic logical unit) performs the computing functions.

Features of Microprocessor

  • High Speed.
  • Low Speed.
  • Reliable.
  • Portable.
  • Versatile.
  • Small size.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Less Heat Generation.

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