What is Microprocessor ?

Microprocessor is a multipurpose logical device and it process the data and give output on monitor screen.



  • Microcontroller is the heart of an embedded system.
  • Microcontroller has a processor along with internal memory and Input/output. components.
  • Memory and I/O are already present, and the internal circuit is small.
  • you can use it in compact systems.
  • cost of the entire system is low.
  • As External components are low, total power consumption is less. So it can be use with devices running on stores power like batteries.
  • Most of the microcontrollers power saving features.
  • It is use mainly in a washing machine, MP3 players, and embedded system.
  • Microcontroller has more register. Hence the programs are easier to write.
  • Micro controller are bases on hardware architecture.
  • It is a byproduct of the development of microprocessors with CPU along with other peripherals
  • To know more about Microcontroller please check Wikipedia link Click here .
8051  microcontroller


  • Microprocessor is the heart of Computer system.
  • It is only a stand alone processor, so memory and Input/output components need to be connect externally.
  • Memory and input/output has to be connects externally, so the circuit become large.
  • you can’t use it in compact systems.
  • cost of the entire system is high.
  • Due to external components, the total power consumption is high. Therefore, it is not ideal for the devices running on stores like batteries.
  • Most of the microprocessor do not have power saving features.
  • Microprocessor has a smaller number of registers, so more operations are memory based
  • It is mainly use in personal computers.
  • Microprocessor are bases on Von Neumann model.
  • It is a CPU on a single silicon bases integrate chip.
  • To know more about Microprocessor please check Wikipedia link Click here .

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