A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information, or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve and process data. You can use a computer to type documents, send email, and browse the internet. You also use it to handle spreadsheets, accounting, database management, presentations, games, and more. A computer consists of at least one processing element, typically a central processing unit (CPU) and some form of memory. The processing element carries out arithmetic and logic operations, and a sequencing and control unit that can change the order of operations based on stored information.

Basic Computer Organization

The basic components of a computer are:-

  • Input Unit.
  • Output Unit.
  • Memory Unit.
  • ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit).
  • Control Unit.
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit).
Components of computer
Basic components of a computer

Input Unit :- This is the process of entering data and programs in to the computer system. The input unit takes data from us to the computer in an organized manner for processing.

Output Unit :- This is the process of producing results from the data for getting useful information. The output is also store inside the computer for further processing.

Memory Unit :- The process of saving data and instruction permanently is know as Memory unit.

The Memory unit performs the following major functions

  • All data and instruction are stored here before and after processing.
  • Intermediate results of processing are also stores here.

ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) :- The actual processing of the data and instruction are perform by Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU).

Control Unit (CU) :- Control Unit is responsible for co ordinating various operations using time signal. The Control unit determines the sequence in which computer programs and instructions are executes.

CPU (Central Processing Unit) :- The ALU and the CU of a computer system are jointly knows as the central processing unit.

Computing Systems

The computer system consist of two Main components :-

  • Hardware.
  • software.

Hardware :- Hardware is the physical parts of a computer device. it can be replace as per needs. it can also be view as the machine or primary electronic piece of the computer devices, such as CPU, Mouse, Monitors etc.

Software :- The applications that reside in the PC and can see them but cannot touch are know as software such as Microsoft word, paint, Excel , game, WhatsApp, etc.

Two types of software:-

  • System software :- software in a PC works straightforwardly that on hardware gadgets of the PC.
  • Application software :- Software is create for users to complete various tasks on the given PC.

Characteristics Of Computer System

  • Processing Speed.
  • Accuracy Of Operations.
  • Data Storage.
  • Fast Logical Decisions
  • Repetitive Task Ability

Features of The Computer System

  • Computer Is Programmable.
  • Converts Data Into Information.
  • It Is Digital Electronic Machine.
  • Machine Instructions.
  • Binary (0 or 1).

OS (operating system)

OS work

An operating system is very important for computer system or any other system, or the most important because it acts as a middleman between the user and computer system or any other system.

To know more about computer please check Wikipedia Click here.

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