• TCP stand for Transmission Control Protocol
  • TCP is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet.
  • when you are set up with direct access to the Internet.
  • Point-to-point communication: Two end-point
  • The communication between two computer needs to be “good” and reliable.
  • Used to guarantee that the data is received correctly.
  • Connection oriented protocol.
  • Connection oriented. Full duplex communication.

TCP is two-layer program

  • higher layer
  • lower layer

The features of a TCP protocol

  • Reliable.
  • Transport Layer Protocol.
  • Full duplex.
  • Multiplexing.
  • Connection oriented protocol.

The TCP/IP protocols are modeled in four layers

Application layer :-

The application layer is provided by the program that uses TCP/IP for communication. An application is a user process cooperating with another process usually on a different host (there is also a benefit to application communication within a single host).

Transport layer :-

The transport layer provides the end-to-end data transfer by delivering data from an application to its remote peer. Multiple applications can be supported
simultaneously. The most-used transport layer protocol is the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which provides connection-oriented reliable data
delivery, duplicate data suppression, congestion control, and flow control.

Internetwork layer :-

The internetwork layer, also called the internet layer or the network layer, provides the “virtual network” image of an internet (this layer shields the higher
levels from the physical network architecture below it).

Network interface layer

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  • UDP stand for User Datagram protocol.
  • Similar to TCP.
  • Connectionless oriented protocol.
  • Connectionless end-to-end service
  • it does not guarantee data delivery.
  • Used by network management and Audio/Video.
  • UDP is faster than TCP.

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UDP is faster than TCP.
User Datagram protocol

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