• WEP stand for wired Equivalent privacy.
  • developed in September 1999.
  • 40 bit encryption key.
  • it’s one of the early-day security protocols for Wi-Fi. 
  • it was easily hackable.

If you want to know more about Wi-fi password Security , please check on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi_Protected_Access

Wi-fi images
Wi-Fi images


  • WPA stand for Wi-Fi protected Access.
  • WPA also referred to as the draft IEEE 802.11i standard became available in 2003.
  • WPA is far better than WEP and this is because it uses a stronger encryption methods called TKIP which stands for Temporal Key Integrity Protocol.
  • There are far more secure encryption algorithms like AES, but the problem is that you need hardware support.


  • Provides even stronger security than WPA
  • WPA2 uses AEA which stands for advanced Encryption Standard
  • AES is so secure that the U.S. government has Adopted.
  • WPA2 replaced WPA and is based on the IEEE 802.11i standard. 
  • introduced in 2004.
  • WPA2 certification is mandatory for all new devices to bear the Wi-Fi trademark from March 13, 2006.


  • introduced in 2018.
  • www.wi-fi.org “provides cutting edge security protocols to market.”
  • it adds new features to simplify Wi-Fi security and enable more robust authentication.
  • it will receive increased protections from password guessing attempts.
  • it is more sure wi-fi.


  • WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  • Designed to make it as easy as possible for devices to join a secure wireless network.
  • WPS works only for wireless networks.
  • The WPS button on numerous switches was made by the Wi-Fi Union in 2006.

If you want to know more about Wi-fi password Security , please check on Wi-Fi .

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