What is a RAM ?

  • RAM stands for Random Access Memory.
  • It is a read and write.
  • It is volatile.
  • Information is stores temporarily.
  • It is high cost.
  • it is high speed.
  • Ranges of storage capacity 1 to 256 GB.
RAM Memory
RAM Memory

Types of RAM

  • SRAM
    • SRAM stands for static Random Access Memory. Data remains Static RAM as long as there is power Supply
    • It doesn’t need to be refresh again and again.
    • It is also use as Cache memory.
  • DRAM
    • DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory. Dat can be store in the DRAM only when it is refresh frequently.

To know more about RAM please check Wikipedia link click HERE .

What is ROM ?

  • ROM stands for Read Only Memory.
  • We can only read but cannot write on it.
  • It is non-volatile
  • Information is stores permanently during manufacturing.
  • it is low cost compare to RAM.
  • it is slow speed compare to RAM.
  • Ranges of storage capacity 4 to 8 MB.

Type of ROM

  • MROM
    • MROM stand for Masked Read Only Memory.
    • Oldest type of Rom.
    • Inexpensive.
    • It can’t be modifies.
  • PROM
    • PROM stand for Programmable Read Only Memory.
    • It can be modifies.
    • It can be programmes only once And is not erasable.
    • EPROM stand for Erasable & Programmable Read Only Memory.
    • It can be reprogramed and erased Many time.
    • EEPROM stand for Electrically Erasable & Programmable Read Only Memory.
    • It can be erased and programmed electrically.
  • Flash Memory.
    • It is an advances version of EEPROM.
    • it is highly durable.

To know more about Rom please check Wikipedia link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Read-only_memory

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