MAC stand for Media Access Control is a unique address is an identifier that every network device uses to identify itself on a network. It works on the data link layer of the OSI model.

NIC stand for Network Interface Card

NIC has 1 6 byte hexadecimal number

MAC works on the data link layer of the OSI model

This Addresses don’t changes, they are permanent

Also known as Physical Address and Hardware Address

Unique 48-64 bit address

About MAC Address

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Different Notation in MAC address

Hyphen Hexadecimal notation = 00-0b-56-b1-c0-6e

Colon Hexadecimal Notation = 00:0b:56:b1:c0:6e

Period Separated Hexadecimal Notation = 000.b56.b1c.06e

Types of MAC Address

  1. Unicast
  2. Multicast
  3. Broadcast
format of mac address
Block Diagram

Unicast Address

One to one means that there is only one sender and receiver is knows as Unicast.

Multicast Address

One to many means that there is one sender and multiple receivers is knows as Multicast.

Broadcast Address

One to all means that there are multiple sender and multiple receivers is knows as Broadcasting.

MAC Sublayer

MAC sublayer is responsible for connection to physical media. At the MAC sublayer of Data link layer, the actual physical address of the device, called the MAC address is added to packet. Such a packet is called a Frame that contains all the addressing information necessary to travel from sources devices to destination device.

Sublayers of Data Link Layer

Data link layer divided in two sublayers as below:

  • LLC (Logical Link Control Sublayer)
  • MAC (Media Access Control Sublayer)
Different between unicast and Multicast and Broadcast
Different between unicast and Multicast and Broadcast.


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