About DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

DMZ is responsible to enhance the security of an organisations network by separating local area network from other untrusted network.

DMZ in Nutshell

  • DMZ stands for a demilitarized zone.
  • DMZ is use to improve the security of an organisation’s network.
  • DMZ is a physical or sensible subnet that separates LAN (local area network) from other untrusted networks.
  • Hacker could use this as an opening to cause havoc on the company’s network.
  • The most common of these services include web, email, domain name system (DNS), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and proxy servers.
  • A DMZ network has limited access to within organize.
  • Examples of DMZ :- Cloud services, Home networks, Industrial control systems .

Architecture and Design

These are two Architecture

  • Single Firewall DMZ Network
  • Dual Firewall DMZ Network

Single Firewall DMZ Network

  • A DMZ with a single-firewall design requires three or more network interfaces.
  • The first is the external network, which connects the public internet connection to the firewall.
  • The second connects is the internal network.
  • The third is connected to the DMZ.

Dual Firewall DMZ Network

  • A DMZ with a Dual Firewall design requires two network interface.
  • The principal firewall just permits outside traffic to the DMZ.
  • The second just permits traffic that goes from the DMZ into the inside organization.


DMZ network architecture
DMZ network work

Advantages of DMZ

  • Access control.
  • Network reconnaissance prevention.
  • Blocking Internet Protocol spoofing.

Services of Utilizing a DMZ

  • Domain name system (DNS).
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • proxy servers.
  • WEB server.
  • Mail Server.

A DMZ divided a network into 2 parts firewall.

  • Inside the firewall
  • Outside the firewall.

This DMZ setup only uses one farewall.


  • In the real world.
  • A demilitarized Zone.
  • it is an area where the military is forbidden or in the computer world.
  • it is where Firewall protection is forbidden.

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