SWOT stands for Weaknesses, Strengths, Threats or Opportunities. These are the four factors use by organizations to evaluate their business as an enterprise. In a similar way, these factors can be use to evaluate the current and future growth of a website is knows as SWOT. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors. Opportunities and threats are the external factors.

There are four factors are following

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats


It refers to internal activities that are succeeding in a SWOT framework. Create a strengths list by combining all of the items you marked green into a single list. This list should contain advantages over competitors’ websites that would give your website a competitive edge and help you get to your business objectives more quickly. Website strengths are related to the main goals and objectives of the website’s creation.


  • Relevant And unique content
  • user friendly design.
  • Quick sign up and check out process.
  • good hosting service.


Weaknesses are simply characteristics of a website that put you at a disadvantage or that can prevent you from reaching your business objectives. Like we did for strengths, create a list of internal characteristics that are weaknesses – but this time, only add the red items. These characteristics can be identified by comparing a better-performing feature/characteristic of a competitor’s website to the same feature on your website. Both websites may have a particular feature or characteristic, but that characteristic is executed better on the competition’s website. Weaknesses do not necessarily have to be a comparison. If a characteristic is outdated or is inadequate for its function, it can be considered a weakness


  • Poor Content and Images
  • Long subscription Process
  • Poor Mobile optimization
  • Poor hosting service


Now create an external opportunities list. On this list should be ways in which your organization can improve performance and its competitive advantage in the market environment. There are some external opportunities that can be predicted, like expanding to new cities or countries.


  • New technology
  • Internet on mobile Phones
  • Online transactions
  • Innovation marketing strategies


Enter your list of threats into the SWOT Analysis template. On this list should be anything that is outside of your control that may prevent you from reaching website’s business objectives. These threats can be certain features that your competitors have that you do not. Threats can also be regulatory or technical.


  • New entrants
  • Poor government Policies
  • Software piracy
  • Fraudulent activities

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