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Python Coding interview questions and answers for Internships.

1. What is a Python ?

Python is a widely-use general-purpose and high-level programming language. It is a open source. Python is a platform Independence language.

2. Define Loop ?

Loop is the process to repeater the given statement again and again every loop has a condition & repeater till condition is true otherwise loop will be terminated.

3. What is Recursive Function ?

Recursive is a process or technique in which a function call itself again & again. Recursive function is a function that follows recursion technique. In other word we can say, recursive function is a function that call itself again & again. The advantage of recursive function over loop. Recursive function uses stack memory (LIFO- last In First Out) during recursion, so it uses extra memory that slow our execution.

4. Explained While Loop and for loop?

While Loop:- It is use normal when we know the repeating from problem but we don’t know the number of repeating from the Problem.

For Loop :- This loop is use for repeating the statements at desired number of time. This loop is useful with many data types such as number, string, List, and Tuple etc.

5. What is a Flow Chart ?

It is graphical or pictorial representation of the steps written in algo. Flow chart provides some symbols that may relate with input, output process controlling storage.

8. What is a Function ?

Function is a sub program within program that perform specific operation within program. After performing an operation function returns a value which may the result of operation

Two types of function

  • Library function
  • user defined function

9. Define variable in python

Variable is the memory unit referral by a name for storing a value. The name which refers memory unit called variable name. The value of the variable can be changes time to time.

Python interview answer and Question for fresher.

10. Define Constant in python

Constant are the values those never change through out the program.

There are various types of Constants.

  • Integer Constant
  • Float Constant
  • Boolean Constant
  • String Constant

11. Explained Data types ?

Data types are the reserves words that specify the specify type of value stored by a variable.

  • Numeric
  • String
  • Sequence
  • Binary
  • Mapping
  • Boolean
  • Set

12. Different Between Implicit Declaration And Explicit Declaration?

Implicit Declaration :- The data types of variable can be determined according to stores constant value. Python support implicit declaration.

Explicit Declaration :- The data type should be mention during declaration of variable and hence variable can hold only that type of value. Python not support implicit declaration.

13. What is Tokens ?

The smallest individual unit use in program called tokens.

There are following tokens

  • Variable
  • constant
  • oparator
  • Function
  • class

14. What is a Algorithm

Algorithm is the way to write the step come in mind for solving a problem. it provides logical & mathematical approach to write the steps. Pseudocode can be use for writing algorithm. Pseudocode is the code just look like common English. It is Pseudo because it is not relates with computer, but it is a helpful.

Python interview answer and Question for Experience

15. Different Between Program and Programming

Program :- Program is the set of instruction or commands follows by computer for performing. Command or instruction is nothing but a word or sentence provides by programming language which will be follows by computer.

Programming :- Programming is the place or Environment or software that provides the facility to write a program, save a program , run a program etc.

16. Defines Module and steps for creating Module?

Module is the collection of function. We define within Module because of we want to se the certain function in any python program simply by importing the module & use the related function.

Steps for creating Module

  • Create a new program File.
  • Define the function one by one in program file.
  • Save the file as :-

17. How to use Construction ?

Construction is the special member function (method) provided by OOPs concept. It is special because of invoke or call automatically when you create an object of the class.

Construction can be call only one time for each object of the class & hence it can be use for variables initialization, resource opening like file Opening / Datatypes opening etc.

In pyhton ,–init– () is the Constructor function.

Constructor can be parameterized or non-parameterized but cannot return value. It is always be public.

18. Explained Reserves Keyword?

Reserves Keyword are the word provides by programming language those have special meaning or work within program. Reserves Keyword cannot be use as user defined identifiers.

19. What is a Lambda Function ?

Lambda Function is an anonymous function that can use as function for small purpose. It is use for small purpose because of It is defined in a line.

20. How to use nested for Loop ?

It a for loop Consists another for loop then this called nested for Loop .

The outer for loop can be for defining ranges of values on which you want to perform operation. In tabular form of information is represent normally rows of tables.

The inner for loop can be use for defining process or operation which will be apply on the number fetches by outer loop. In tabular form of information, it represents normally columns of the tables.

For each repetition of outer loop, inner will be repeat n times.

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To know more about python Programming Interview Questions please check Wikipedia Click Here.

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