PyGame library is use to create video games. The PyGame most popular programming language. Pygame was officially written by Pete Shinners.

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import pygame from pygame.locals import *

PyGame Library Function are followings:-

pygame._sd12.touchThis pygame module to work with touch input
pygameTop level pygame package
pygame.cameraThis modulefor camera use
pygame.cdromThis module for audio cdrom control
pygame.cursorsThis module for cursor resources
pygame.displayThis module to control the display window and screen
pygame.drawThis module for drawing shapes
Pygame.eventThis module for interacting with events and queues
pygame.exampleThis module of example programs
pygame.fasteventThis module for interacting with events and queues from multiple threads
pygame.fontThis module for loading and rendering fonts
pygame.freetypeThis module for loading and rendering computer fonts
pygame.gfxdrawThis module for drawing shapes
pygame.imageThis module for image transfer
pygame.joystick This module for interacting with joysticks, gamepads, and trackballs.
pyagame.keyThis module to work with the keyboard
pygame.mouseThis module to work with the mouse
pygame.pixelcopyThis module for general pixel array copying
pygame.scrapThis module for clipboard support.
pygame.sndarray This module for accessing sound sample data
pygame.spriteThis module with basic game object classes
pygame.surfarrayThis module for accessing surface pixel data using array interfaces
pygame.testThis unit test suite package
pygame.timeThis module for monitoring time
pygame.transformThis module to transform surfaces
pygame.versionThis small module containing version information
pygame.localsThis module for constants
pygame.mathThis module for vector classes
pygame.midiThis module for interacting with midi input and output.
pygame.mixerThis module for loading and playing sounds
pygame.mixer.musicThis module for controlling streamed audio
List of Functions

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To know more about pyGame Library Function please Wikipedia Click here

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