Motherboard is main circuit of any computer or laptop often referred to as the mainboard or ‘MOBO’. It connects all drives like hard drives and SSD, optical drives, video card, sound card, monitor and other ports and etc.

Introduce first motherboard in 1981.

First motherboard was used in IBM personal computer.

Motherboard is the backbone of any computer.

It includes several components on a single platform.

Components of a Motherboard img.
Components On Board

The Components of board :-

  • heat sink
  • parallel port.
  • Capacitor.
  • PCI slot.
  • CPU socket.
  • Memory slot.
  • M.2 slot.
  • USB port.
  • 4 pin Power connector.
  • 3 pin case fan connector.
  • inductor.
  • back pane connector.
  • northbridge.
  • southbridge.
  • super input\output
  • jumper.
  • IC.
  • System panel connectors.
  • Serial ATA connection.
  • Integrated circuit.
  • RAID.
  • Floppy Connection.
  • Bus Slots or expansion slots.

What is The FORM FACTOR ?

Motherboards come in different shapes and size and this a is knows as a form Factors.

Ports or Slots are on a board ?

There is no characterized norm to know the number of ports that are on a motherboard. The most effective way to decide the port or openings on a motherboard is to peruse the details remembered for its documentation. Assuming that you have lost your motherboard documentation, it a very well may be download in pdf structure from the producer’s site at liberated from cost.

TOP 10 boards Manufacturing Companies

  • Asus.
  • MSI.
  • Gigabyte Technology.
  • ASRock.
  • Intel.
  • EVGA Corporation.
  • American Megatrends.
  • Sapphire Technology.

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If you want to know more about motherboard , please click here.

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