• Command line tool displays the TCP/IP network configuration of the network adapters on a windows computer.
  • used for troubleshooting issues.
  • Dual Stack is for compatibility purposes.
  • Ipconfig can be combined with subcommands , called switches.
  • ipconfig /all display the full TCP/IP configuration of your network adapters.

Types of IP address / Version of IP address :

  • IPv4 Address
  • IPv6 Address

IPV4 Address

  • Developed by DARPA ( Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency ) in 1981.
  • Managed and distributed by IANA ( Internet Assigned Number Authority ).
  • Represented into dotted decimal number.
  • It has 32 bits divided into 4 groups each having 8 bits.
  • It supports 4.2 billion IPv4 addresses.
  • It supports unicasting, multicasting and broadcasting transmission way


  • Developed by IETF.
  • Developed by IETF.
  • Launched in 6 June, 2012
  • It has 128 bits divided into 8 groups each having 16 bits.
  • Represented into Hexadecimal Number System.
  • Represented into separated by colon(:).
  • It supports 3.4*10^38 IPv6 addresses.
  • These addresses supports unicasting, multicasting and any casting.
  • There is no any class like IPv4

DNS is designed as a client/server application. A host that needs to map an address to a name or a name to an address
calls a DNS client called a resolver. The resolver accesses the closest DNS server with a mapping request.


flushes the DNS resolver cache n the computer.

  • DNS resolves names to IP addresses.
  • computer don’t understand names‚Ķ.they only understand numbers.
  • DNS spoofing is when hackers and malware alter your DNS cache and redirect you to fraudulent websites your DNS if you suspect that your DNS cache has been maliciously altered.
  • flushing Your DNS can help hide website search behavior.

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