This tag is use to create table in which we represent data in tabular formatted.  Each table row is define with the “tr” tag. A table header is define with the “th” tag. A table data cell is define with the “td” tag is knows as HTML Table.

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  • Align
    • horizontal alignment is controlled by the ALIGN attribute. It can be set to left, right, center, justify or inherit.
  • Valign
    • controls the vertical alignment of cell content. It accepts the value top, middle, or bottom.
  • Width
    • set the width to specific number of pixels.
  • Height
    • set the height to specific number of pixels.
  • Cellpadding
    • controls the distance between the data in a cell and the boundaries of the cell.
  • Cellspacing
    • controls the distance between adjacent cells.
  • Colspan
    • this attribute is used to inside a <th><td> tag. It is used to marge two or more than column.
  • Rowspan
    • this attribute is used to marge two or more than row.

Table Tag Syntax


For Example

<table border="1" width="80%%" height="40%"align="center">
<tr bgcolor="red" >
<th colspan="2">english</th>
<th>operating system</th>
<tr bgcolor="green" align="center">
<td colspan="2" width="30%">80</td>
<tr bgcolor="pink"width="50px" height="60px" align="center">
<td colspan="2">40</td>


Table Tags

example of table tag
Example Of Table Tag
tableDefines a table.
thDefines a header cell in a table.
trDefines a row in a tables.
CaptionDefines a table caption.
colgroupSpecifies a group of one or more columns in a table for formatting.
colSpecifies column properties for each column within a <colgroup>element.
theadGroups the header content in a table.
tbodyGroups the body content in a table.
tfootGroups the footer content in a table.
tdDefines a cell in a table

Nested Tables

The nested table in HTML means making a table on a page inside another table on a similar web page is knows as Nested Tables.

<table border="4px" cellspacing="5px" cellpadding="3px" height="250px" width="50%" bordercolor="red" >
<th rowspan="2">brower</th><th colspan="2">visitors</th>
<tr align="center">
<th>mozilla firefox</th><td>163</td><td>59%</td>
<tr align="center">
<th>google chrome</th><td>78</td><td>59%</td>
<tr align="center">


example of nested table
Example of Nested Table

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To know more about HTML table tags please check Wikipedia link Click here.

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