• Windows operating system is develops by Microsoft.
  • Windows is release  in November 1985.
  • This systems belong to Windows NT Family.
  • It is an close source software.
  • It is paid software.
  • Client need to have a valid and authenticated license to use it.
  • Kernel type of Windows is Hybrid.
  • Windows is very easy to learn and compared to Ubuntu.
  • Windows is less Secure.
  • it is not customizable.
  • it is more user Friendly.
  • In windows , file name are case insensitive.
  • Windows is less reliable.
  • it is more easy to catch viruses.
  • Gaming reason windows is better than Ubuntu.
  • To know more about Windows please check Wikipedia link Click here.
Windows vs  Ubuntu different
Windows vs Ubuntu different


  • Ubuntu operating system is develops by Canonical Ltd.
  •  it is release in 2004 October.
  • This systems belong to Linux family.
  • It is an open source software
  • It is Free software.
  • Client Not need to have a valid and authenticated license to use Linux software.
  • Kernel type of Ubuntu is Manolithic.
  • Ubuntu is Not easy to learn and compared to Window.
  • it is Secure Compared to Window.
  • In Ubuntu , file names are case sensitive.
  • It is a customizable.
  • It is more reliable and stable then Windows.
  • it is a Less user Friendly.
  • it is not easy to catch viruses.
  • To know more about Ubuntu please check Wikipedia link click here

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