Difference between IPv4 and IPv6

what is a IPv4

  • Developed by DARPA ( Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency ) in 1981.
  • Manage and distribute by IANA ( Internet Assigned Number Authority ).
  • Represented into dotted decimal number.
    • It has 32 bits divided into 4 groups each having 8 bits.
  • It supports unicasting, multicasting and broadcasting transmission way.
  • It is divide into 5 classes.
    • class A
    • Class B
    • Class C
    • Class D
    • Class E

Few important concepts before understanding these classes:

  1. Network Bits – This value defines different series of IP address.
  2. Host Bits – This value defines number of hosts in a network series.
  3. Network IP address – The very first IP address of a network series which defines the a
  4. Broadcast IP address – The very last IP address of a network series which is use for
    broadcasting in the network
  5. Subnet-mask – This value defines the range of IP address in a network and defines
    different networks.
Difference between IPv4 and IPv6

What is a IPv6

  • IPv6 was introduced in Dec, 1998.
  • Developed by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).
  • It was developed due to exhaustion of IPv4 address.
  • Launched in 6 June, 2012
  • It has 128 bits divided into 8 groups each having 16 bits.
  • Represented into Hexadecimal Number System.
  • Each group is separated by colon(:)
  • These addresses supports Unicasting , Multicasting and anycasting.
  • There is no any class like IPv4.
  • By default its first 64 bits represents Network Bits and last 64 bits represents host bits.
  • The address that start with FF0 is know as multicast IPv6 address:
    • FF05 – OSPFv3
    • FF06 – OSPFv3
    • FF09 – RIPng
    • FF0A – EIGRP

To know more about iOS please check Wikipedia link click here

To know more about iOS please check Wikipedia link click here

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