The conditional operator is also known as a ternary operator. The conditional statements are the decision-making statements which depends upon the output of the expression. Ternary operator can be use in place of if-else statements. Ternary operator is also known as conditional operator.

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It is represent by two symbols, i.e., “?” and “:” .

Ternary Operators

Working on Conditional Operations or ternary operations

As conditional operator works on three operands.

  •  Expression1 is the condition to be evaluate. If the condition(Expression1) is True then,
  • Expression2 will be execute and the result will be return. Otherwise, if the condition(Expression1) is false then, 
  • Expression3 will be execute and the result will be return.


variable = Expression1 ? Expression2 : Expression3

Flow chart of Ternary Operations

Flow Chart of Ternary Operations
FLow Chart of Ternary Operations

Example of Ternary Operations

Input value

#include <stdio.h>  
int main()  
    int age;  
    printf("Enter your age");  
    (age>=20)? (printf("eligible for voting")) : (printf("not eligible for voting"));  
    return 0;  

Output of Ternary Operations

If we provide the age of user below 20 , then the output 

Output value

If we provide the age of user above 20, then the output 

Output value

Example of Ternary Operations

Write a program to find maximum of two numbers using ternary operator.

Input value

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
  char operator = '+';
  int num1 = 42;
  int num2 = 58;

  int result = (operator == '+') ? (num1 + num2) : (num1 - num2);
  printf("%d", result);

  return 0;

Output of ternary operator.

Output value

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